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  • Once upon a time, in the weirdest town in America, a woman had an idea for a shop where she could wear her favorite smart-as…um, smart-alecky little tee shirts and funky high-tops. The woman was afraid to take the entrepreneurial plunge, but her husband encouraged, inspired and finally convinced her they could succeed. They figured it would have to be a fun place, and that people would have to have a good sense of humor to come in and enjoy all the alarmingly funny stuff crammed into it. That was the “A-ha! Why not?” moment that gave birth to A Sense of Humor. And you may have guessed…that couple was us-KA and JK. We’re not a fictitious figurehead couple made up by a marketing division in a concrete building in a city far, far away. We’re a real mom and pop (two kids prove it) who are trying to open their first mom and pop shop.

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  • Charley
    The incredible people who make A Sense of Humor operate!

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July 31, 2008



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